Ryuuta Sugisaki
杉崎 龍太
Gender: Male
Age: 7
Relatives: Unnamed father, Marina Sugisaki (mother), Miku Sugisaki (older sister)
Other names: Ryuu-chan
First Appearance(Manga):
First Appearance(Anime) Episode 10
Voice Actors
Japanese: Yuko Takayama

Ryuuta Sugisaki (杉崎 龍太 Sugisaki Ryūta) is Miku's younger brother. Like her, he attends Kamohashi Elementary; he is in grade one, class two.



He, like his sister, has black hair, which he wears somewhat long and spikey. He likes to wear Gachi Rangers merchandise, often a shirt and a toy belt.

Personality and InterestsEdit

Ryuuta is the sort of bratty and spoiled little kid who is used to always getting what he wants. He seems to have little consideration for others. He is a fan of Gachi Rangers


Miku SugisakiEdit

His older sister. Despite his boisterous attitude, he looks up to her.

Marina SugisakiEdit

His mother. She spoils him very much.

Hitoha MaruiEdit

Both of them are fans of Gachi Rangers. However, Hitoha was annoyed after seeing that Ryuuta didn't care for his belongings, thanks to him being a rich boy, so she taught him to keep and treasure his stuff. When Hitoha gives him a pep talk about justice (after Ryuuta made fun of Yabecchi's love for Gachi Rangers at his age) he gives her his Gachi Rangers belt and runs away flustered. Ryuuta seems to have admiration for Hitoha, whom he calls "the Youngest".

Satoshi YabeEdit

At first, Ryuuta makes fun of him for being a Gachi Rangers fan despite his age until Hitoha explained that one does not grow up from loving justice. In the manga they later became friends and the three of them (Hitoha included) often talk about Gachi Rangers.

Mitsuba MaruiEdit

Following his sister, Ryuuta thinks that Mitsuba is an annoying pervert.


He is madly in love with hitoha