Megu Mitsumine
Gender: Female
Age: 7
Relatives: Unknown
Other names: Megu-chan
First Appearance(Manga): Chapter 62
First Appearance(Anime) Episode 6
Voice Actors
Japanese: Hasegawa Shizuka
Megu Mitsumine (三峰 メグ Mitsumine Megu), often called Megu-chan by her classmates, is a first grade student at Kamohashi Elementary. She is in Class 1-2 with Ryuuta Sugisaki and Kaoru Hino.

Attributes Edit

Appearance Edit

Megu has short, brown hair with twin ponytails. She wears dresses or skirts with white, over-the-knee socks. According to Ryuuta, she wears the same kind of animal-print panties that Mitsuba wears.

Personality and Interests Edit

She is typical for a girl her age and is easily impressed by older girls like Mitsuba. She also seems to be easily scared, as apparently just the sight of Soujirou has been enough to drive her to tears.

Relationships Edit

Kaoru Hino Edit


Megu and Kaoru

Megu is friends with Kaoru and they are often seen together around school. Kaoru is like her friend in that they are both innocent and naive

Appearances Edit

Manga Edit

Megu first appears in chapter 62, during the joint recess between the first and sixth graders. Her name is also mentioned by Ryuuta in this chapter as "Megu-chan." Her first major appearance is in chapter 66, where she and Kaoru meet Mitsuba and continually refer to her as chijo.

Anime Edit

Megu has an earlier appearance in the anime, appearing in episode 6 during the sports festival where she is frightened by Soujirou and gets him thrown out. Her next appearance is in episode 10, where - in line with her manga appearances in chapters 62 and 66 - she is at the joint recess and she meets Mitsuba.