Yuuichi Haguro
Gender: Male
Age: 23
Relatives: -
Other names: -
First Appearance(Manga): Chapter 42
First Appearance(Anime) Episode 1 (second season)
Voice Actors
Japanese: Yuuichi Iguchi

Yuuichi Haguro (羽黒祐一 Haguro Yuichi) is Gachi Black.



As the Gachi Black

He is a person of few words and can be slightly selfish. He loves eating and he is frequently seen eating a plate of curry, even during missions. He is so devoted to it, that even in all the reunions and discussions of the Gachi Rangers, he simply changes the subject by talking about curry. When he transforms into Gachi Black, his weapon is his own plate of curry.



He appears in Episode 1 of the second season. After the Gachi Rangers discover that the evil Gedol Empire is trying to eliminate children from the Saitama District and that they are turning everyone into a pile of bubbles, they decide to stop it, although Gachi Black is more interested in eating. Gachi Blue and Gachi Black get lost in the streets, only for their jeep (with Gachi Black's curry in there) to get blown up by Crabron. Gachi Black seems delighted, because now he can eat hot curry. Later, they join the other Gachi Rangers and help them fight Crabron, culminating in a giant robot vs. monster duel. Upon defeating him, all the children return back to normal.


  • Miku and Yuki once commented that he is handsome