Eri Satou
佐藤 絵理
Copia de 037
Gender: Female
Age: 15
Relatives: Masanobu Satou (father), Akari Satou (mother), Shinya Satou (younger brother)
Other names: Psycho stalker woman
First Appearance(Manga): Chapter 145 (Background)

Chapter 177 (Introduced)

First Appearance(Anime) -
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"It's Shinya's rabid fangirls again..." Eri Satou in Chapter 214
Eri Satou (佐藤 絵理 Satō Eri) is Shinya's older sister.


Appearance, Personality and InterestsEdit

She has her long black hair tied in two ponytails and wears glasses. She physically looks like her father and she is plain compared to her brother, so the Hopeless Squad doesn't believe that she is Shinya's sister and they think she is a stalker. Nothing is much known about Eri, except that she belongs to the Kendo club.




Eri in the manga

Eri has only appeared in the manga. She makes small appearances in Chapter 145 and Chapter 161 (in which she is seen eating lunch with her family) but she makes her debut in Chapter 177, returning home from the Kendo club. There, she meets the Hopeless Squad, who are standing in Satou's house. The Hopeless Squad at first believe she is just another fangirl like them, until she tells them she is Satou's sister. Immediately the girls refuse to believe this, since they believe that everyone in Satou's family is good-looking and they end up believing she is a stalker, much to her horror.

She reappears in Chapter 214, spending Christmas with her father after her mother and her brother decided to spend Christmas with their own friends. Eri decides to go out too and she sees the Hopeless Squad outside. She tells her father about the girls, but he refuses to believe her. Surprised that her father got immediately accepted by the Hopeless Squad (because they believed he was Santa) she decides to give a try and convince the girls that she is related to Satou, only to be called a "psycho stalker woman" by Airi.

Trivia Edit

  • A running gag is that her efforts to prove the Hopeless Squad that she is Satou's sister never works.
  • In a readers poll celebrating 300 issues of Mitsudomoe, she came in 12th place, beating many regular characters.