Gender: Debated (See below)
Age: Unknown
Relatives: N/A
Voice Actor(s): Momoko Saitou (Japannese)

Karen Strassman (English)

First Appearances
Manga: Chapter 3
Anime: Episode 1

Nipples (チクビ Chikubi; also written as ちくび in the manga) is a brown and white hamster. It is class 6-3's pet.

Chikubi's exact gender is debatable. It is referred to as "she" by Hitoha and others, but was attracted to the female hamster on Mitsuba's panties.



Chikubi is about the size of a 12 year old's hand. He has long whiskers and buck teeth. His tail, when petted, resembles the feel of a nipple, hence its name.

Personality and InterestsEdit

Chikubi is good friends with Hitoha (she considers it her best friend) and likes when its tail is petted. Chikubi was also taught by Futaba to backflip when someone snaps their fingers. Chikubi originally belonged to Yabe, but he gave it to his class as a class pet.

Songs Edit

Trivia Edit

  • A running gag is that its name is frequently misunderstood, mostly by Kuriyama.
  • In a readers poll celebrating 300 issues of Mitsudomoe, Chikubi came in joint 28th place.
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